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Personal Training
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Personal Training

Jaime A. Martinez's Personal Training Service provides a one-on-one workout in a supportive and non-competitive atmosphere. He will teach you how to use exercise equipment,free weights and the body's own resistance to improve flexibility, increase endurance, strengthen muscles and improve your metabolism.

Jaime will help you to develop proper form, breathing, warm-ups, cool downs, flexibility and injury prevention.

Beginning exercisers: You will learn correct exercise techniques to establish healthy workout patterns whether you are starting out or starting over.

Intermediate exercisers: Jaime will demonstrate techniques and programs to carry you through those rough spots and plateaus experienced by anyone who exercises.

Advanced exercisers: Personal training will help you to attain your specific goals, whether it's advanced sport training or preparing for a challenging outdoor activity.

Do you travel? Learn strenght-maintenance techniques to use on the road so you won't lose youredge.

Dance! - Analternative to Conventional Person Training: Jaime A. Martinez is a professional dancer and choreographer as well as a certified aerobics instructor. He can fashion a workout program tailored to your personal tastes incorporating dance steps and the exercise techniques used by professional dancers to stay limber and prevent injury. Learn dance steps while you get in shape: Jaime teaches samba, cha cha cha, rumba, salsa, mambo, tango and more. Jaime can also design a program similar to the barre or center exercises used in ballet, modern or jazz dance disciplines.

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